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TalkNicer software can help most of the billions of people who want to learn to speak English improve their pronunciation and reading ability, at their convenience.

Internet services: offers open source-based pronunciation assessment server software.

An Android Java client has been developed and is available to try. A Flash 10/Gnash desktop web browser client for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux using the Speex vocoder is in development, as are clients and stand-alone systems for the Apple iPhone and Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms.

Stand-alone handheld platforms:

TalkNicer offers adaptations, porting, and enhancements of the 2004-5 ReadSay PROnounce system

Microsoft Windows:

TalkNicer offers enhancements to the Microsoft Windows speech recognition platform using pronunciation assessment software extensions providing phoneme scores unavailable from MS-SAPI since version 4.0a in 1998.

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Or watch this #building43 video by Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica:

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February 27, 2017